Home Sweet Home

After a short break to focus on school and family, I’m kicking the blog back into gear with a ridiculously sweet post in celebration of today, April 20th.

Made by Sakurako Kitsa

While browsing through Beautiful/Decay and other similar blogs, I continue to run across intriguing and amazingly creative sculptures using all kinds of edible goodies. The works I’ve found range from life-size Obamas made of butter to man-eating apples.

Many include faces, scenes, etc. created from sushi or rice dishes in a somewhat 2D format.

Made by Kawasumi

Others, such as Scott Hove’s freakishly awesome cake sculptures, bring three dimensions and conceptualism to whole new levels.


Anger Cake

In Cakeland, Hove adds the viewer’s lust for sweets with a recoiling sense of fear to create, as he states, “what we all have to deal with in our lives everyday… the hunt for satisfaction, and the anxiety that we won’t get it.”

Hove’s website features a 360° Virtual Reality tour of Cakeland, along with some really interesting rope work and paintings.

Other Finds

Some of the most interesting sites I’ve found dealing with food art have been:

Another site that still has to do with food, but a little less with visual art, was brought to my attention from my friend who writes Guide to Funny. Seeing as today’s 4/20 and the post it all about food, I found it very fitting. Even the smallest sweet tooth should take a look at thisiswhyyourefat.com.

My favorite so far has to be the bacon mug.

Bacon Mug

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One Response to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. I am in love with the Panda Sushi rolls! SO cute and talented!

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