Origami on Steroids

Some of the most interesting pieces I’ve found while browsing for crazy new innovations have been works with paper.

Besides origami and paper airplanes, it’s rare that I think of mere paper, with no marks whatsoever, being presented as art. Yet, some of the most intricate masterpieces I’ve seen lately have been just that.

The Works

One of the best collections of these paper compositions I ran across was a post on the Beautiful/Decay blog.

This collection includes a wonderful mix of 2D and 3D techniques, ranging from Bert Simons‘ folded perceptions of reality to Bovey Lee’s extremely detailed cutouts. Be sure to check out some galleries of the artists included for some even more breath taking creations. Check out the post here.

While checking out a couple of these galleries myself, I was particular amazed by those of Brian Dettmer and Jen Stark.

Jen Stark

Stark’s collection of layered paper and wood sculptures is so clean and smooth it almost looks fake. Besides the craftsmanship, the beauty of the colors and 3D shapes that Jen creates from the relatively simple materials is very impressive.

Brian Dettmer

The portfolio of Brian Dettmer bends the bar between two and three dimensional so far that it seems impossible for any human to have that much time and concentration. The hours of cutting, searching, and tweezing he puts into his Escher-like mazes such as Do It Yourself shows vividly and no doubt spurs long periods of investigation over the altered stacks of books and maps.

2 Responses to “Origami on Steroids”

  1. For some reason Bert Simons’s work reminds me a little bit like Bert Monroy’s work. Well total different format, but very well at realism and how they portray realism.

    • I haven’t checked out Bert Monroy till now, but you’re right. They both do an amazing job with portraying reality. The texturing and overall flow of some of Monroy’s pixel work is amazing.

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